RO5 - Result diffusion and spreading activities
Responsible partner for the realization objectiveCenturia


Promote the diffusion of the conducted activities and reached results, as well as the synergies with the High Technology Net, during the project realization, to everyone who is interested.

Expected activities

1. Research and analysis of the main points of reference in this project's sector like companies, realities, and actors.

2. Organization of spreading events, like:
  • Kick-off workshops for illustrating the state of the art, purposes and project activities and the program of result spreading.
  • Periodical technical encounters for monitoring the activities. It will be opportunities for learning more about this topic and for confronting oneself with other research teams from the Emilia-Romagna High Technology Net
  • Final workshop with a much wider scope for result spreading of the two-years project activity
3. Realization and update of the web site, integrated with the partners companies ones and with the High Technology Net ones, for spreading the informative material and the progress of the project.

4. Realization of informative material (brochures, pamphlets, etc.) which it will be made available during events organized by Centuria, exhibition events and events in which members of the partnership will participate as speakers.

5. Selection of sector exhibitions, useful for reaching the project's purposes and organization of the participation of the partnership selecting the correct ways (as exhibitor, as participant, etc.) and correct involvement (speaker in sessions, seminars, round tables, etc.) for illustrating and discussing the results of the project's activities. The participation to some local events (e.g. R2B) it will be useful for enforcing the exchange of know-how with Centers, Laboratories and Techno-poles of the High technology Net.

6. Introduction of relationships with the main daily newspapers which are in Emilia-Romagna and proposal of educative articles and technical-scientific follow-ups. Cure of the publications on the House Organ and on the Innovation bulletin, Novera, curated by Centuria, Rinnova and CISE. Publication of scientific papers and technical reports and educative papers addressing a more wider audience and, when it will be possible, they will be made available for download on the web site.

7. Monitoring opportunities for Horizon 2020.

Expected results

1. Creation of an effective knowledge among the higher number possible of interlocutors in the territory about the existence of the project, about its purposes, about the activities which have been made and about the results obtained.

2. Stimulating a collaboration with the High Technology Net laboratories which operate in similar sectors and on similar projects.

3. Making available activity results of the project effectively to the reference district in order to gain benefits for improving the competitive placement.