RO0 - Project coordination and management

Responsible partner for the realization objective: CIRI-ICT

Expected activities

1. Technical coordination:

Elaboration of the operative program which it will include an action plan for the actuation and the control of activities, for testing the achievement of the expected results of each activity and results total integration. This will be realized organizing well-structured and effective interactions between the participants and between interested companies.

2. Administrative management:

Execution of the complete accounting of the project, respecting the rules defined in the manual "Criteri di ammissibilità dei costi e della modalità di rendicontazione".

3. Administrative control and monitoring:

Test of the compliance of the realization of the project's activities with the expected purposes and actuation of the expenditures administrative control and of the spread activities.

Expected results

The guarantee of the correct correspondence to the technical-scientific program and the reporting of the project's activities.