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23rd May 2018

Closing Workshop of Habitat:
the Internet of Things (IoT) for people health and autonomy

Wednesday 23rd May Hours 16.30 P.M. - 18.30 P.M.
Conference Hall Le Serre Giardini Margherita, Via Castiglione, 136 - Bologna

At the closing workshop of the Habitat project, which was held at the Conference Room Le Serre of the Margherita Gardens in Bologna, the activities carried out and the objectives achieved with the project were presented in front of a large audience.
All project partners have spoken (CIRI ICT, CIRI SDV, TekneHub and ASC InSieme); moreover, Paolo Monticelli, Ceo of PolGroup, and Stefano Tedesco, CEO of Ergotek, have described the enterprises' point of view.
Gabriella Gualandi, Head of the Enterprise Innovation Unit of ASTER, has closed the Workshop.


16.15 P.M. - Participants registration

16.30 P.M. - Greetings and conference start

16.40 P.M. - The objectives of HABITAT and their development

Alessandra Costanzo, Coordinator and Professor at Università di Bologna – CIRI ICT

17.00 P.M. - Prevention and management of non self-sufficiency and the Habitat hypothesis

Lorenzo Chiari, Professor at Università di Bologna - CIRI SDV

17.15 P.M. - Integration of IoT devices and Artificial Intelligence in Habitat scenarios

Federico ChesaniProfessor at Università di Bologna - CIRI SDV

17.30 P.M.- Needs analysis and technological choices

Giuseppe Mincolelli, Professor at Università di Ferrara - TekneHub Laboratory

Michele Peri, Responsible Area Anziani e Disabilità - ASC InSieme

18.00 P.M. - The industry point of view: challenge and opportunity

Stefano Tedesco, CEO at Ergotek

18.10 P.M. - Open innovation, a methodology to support Research, Enterprise and Startup collaboration

Gabriella Gualandi, ASTER

18.30 P.M. - Question Time and conference ending